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Things You Need To Bring For Your Wedding Detail Shots

I get asked quite often by my brides on what to bring during their wedding day so I created this post to help every bride and groom decide on what are the most important things photographers typically ask their couples to bring during their getting ready portion of the day. A tip I usually give them is to gather all of the things they want photographed and put it in one container/box and let their Maid of Honor or Best Man be in charge of that box at least a day or two before their wedding day. So read on to my top things down below.


The Wedding Dress and Groom’s Suit

Now this is a no brainer. Make sure that your wedding dress and groom’s suit is ready and already steamed before your photographer arrives. Any wrinkles will show up in the photos so assign a bridesmaid or groomsmen to steam it early in the morning when you arrive in your wedding suite. Also, please bring your personalized hanger (if you have one) or a wooden hanger for us to hang it on. The plastic hanger that comes with the dress does not look good in pictures.


Wedding Shoes

I’m a shoeholic and I often make a statement with my shoes.  If you’re a fashionista like me, I would love to get a good picture of your shoes even when it’s not visible for most of the day. Nothing makes you feel like a princess like a good shoe. Move aside Cinderella!


A Complete Invitation Suite

When I say complete invitation suite, I mean everything that you sent to your wedding guests including The Save The Date Cards and envelopes. I do a variety of styling with your suite and it’s actually one of my favorite things to do during your wedding day. You spent thousands of dollars on your invitation, you deserve to have a stylized picture of it.


Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands

I know it’s tradition that the Best Man keeps the rings before the ceremony. But if you want me to stylize your rings with all of your other details, please have them with you or the Maid of Honor. You can give the rings back to the Best Man prior to the ceremony.


Other Jewelry and Accessories

Small details maketh women. Enough said.


Bridesmaid Dresses on Wooden Hangers

Have all of your bridesmaids bring their dress to the master suite so that we can take pictures of them before they get in the dresses. They should already be steamed and ready to go!


All of the Floral Arrangements

Please ask your florist to deliver all of your bouquets, boutonnieres and other floral arrangements that you need at least the same time as your photographer arrives. We also ask you to ask them for a few extra blooms so that I can style your details like how you see them in my Instagram feed.


Groom’s Details

Guys typically don’t have a lot of details but every bit of those details matter to them too. Otherwise they wouldn’t be wearing those during their wedding day. This can be anything from watches, cufflinks, bowtie/necktie, novelty socks, a handkerchief, etc. Whatever it is, make sure the groom doesn’t wear it prior to the photographer taking the detail shots.


Bride & Groom Gifts

Sometimes we get a couple who has gifts to exchange. We make sure we’re there when they open it before they’re done getting ready to take pictures of all of the feels. Trust us, you’ll want those pictures.

So those are my top things that you need to bring with you during your getting ready portion of the day. Obviously if you have any additional items that you want photographed should be in the same place as your other details. I will talk about how I get those detail shots in my next post.

Until then babes!!


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