My Top Picks for Your Honeymoon Destination

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

The honeymoon is such an important part of the wedding that couples tend to splurge a ton of money into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most of the time, they will go somewhere exotic where they can relax and enjoy each other. Sometimes couples want adventure so they will go to places in Europe where they can hike their worries away. Nevertheless, here some places I think will give you the most amazing honeymoon experience that you will never forget, ever!

The Fiji Islands
Fiji Islands are famous for the private beaches of sky blue water and dark-leaved jungles. You can spend time with your love, privately, under the bright sky, can hold hands to make new promises and can also swim together. Enjoy the astounding view of sunset with your partner and stay in luxurious villas, do sports in water and as far as the meal is concerned, you can visit a bunch of romantic restaurants on the islands.


Thailand is the land of banqueting resorts, glamorous shopping, sandy beaches and wonderful scenic views. You can say that it is a perfect honeymoon destination for those who want all their wishes be fulfilled in one journey.


Queenstown New Zealand
One of the best destination for honeymoon is Queenstown, the capital of New Zealand now known as a global adventurous city. This is a perfect place as it has many stunning places like long stretches of vineyards, pristine lake, its inspiring culture and many romantic dining resorts. All these things are a dream for every couple for their honeymoon period.


Spain is famous for various reasons and the biggest one is the beauty, Barcelona. Barcelona is a seaside city, you can enjoy its delicious food, sparkling range of wines and beautiful cultural modes. This city is packed with dreamy places making your honeymoon trip full of romance and charm.


One of the most beautiful cities of France is Paris, which is best known for the “Eiffel Tower”. If you are looking to going to Paris for your Honeymoon then don’t hesitate. My recommendation is blocking one of your nights in Paris and eating at the 58 Tour Eiffel  Restaurant. Their selections and wine pairings are so delicious that the price tag will be worth it. Bonus points for the gorgeous view while you’re dining in style!


Cappadocia, Turkey
Are you both food lovers? If yes, then the best place ever for your honeymoon is Cappadocia. Any best food place around the world cannot defeat it. In addition to that, you can enjoy its Fairy chimneys, cone shaped clustered rocks and its magical views make you feel out of this world. The most popular event that almost all tourists know about Cappadocia is their Hot Air Balloon Festival. So if you’re going, make sure to check their schedule so that you can get your Instagram worthy pictures!


Heaven on the earth? Yes, we always compare beautiful places with heaven but Mauritius really looks like heaven of this earth because of its endless and beautiful beaches. The luxury hotels and cultural diversity brings the island to the next level if you crave that ultimate luxury experience. The beautiful beaches will help you to rekindle your love after a hectic wedding. Book a couple’s spa while you’re at it!



Lastly, Italy. It’s a favorite place for honeymooners to go to due to its history and the FOOD! So many places to visit from Rome to Tuscany to Lake Como. Italy is for the adventurous souls who also want to relax in between all of the touring. With all of the places to see and food to eat, I suggest about a week in Italy to get fully immersed in their culture.

Do you have any suggestions for a great honeymoon destination? let us know by commenting on the box below.

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