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Edwards Hotel Penthouse Wedding: Marie & Mike

How many of you still talk to your grade school friends? Do you even know their full names? Are you at least Facebook friends? Do you follow them on Snapchat or Instagram? Be honest. Why do I ask these questions, you say. Well, we covered a wedding recently wherein the most impressive thing that put a big smile on my face, is that Marie and Mike had a LOT of friends that celebrated with them on their big day that they’ve known for a very long time. Yep, since grade school. It literally felt like a giant family in one ballroom. Well, they did have many loving families there of course!

There was a touch of worry as it was raining the morning of their wedding. Although Marie & Mike purchased umbrellas as a backup, we’re hoping that it won’t rain for long. The Grove was our only stop for portraits and this couple deserved some sunshine beaming through such a scenic location. Due to the rain and muddy ground, we opted for an indoor first look right on Marie’s family living room. With their overwhelming love for one another, it didn’t matter where it was. The emotions would have been the same. Tears were already about to fall down from Mike’s eyes as I was instructing him on what to do right before I grabbed Marie to go to him. It was joyous and romantic.

Marie walked down the aisle of St. Mary of the Woods Catholic Church. The ceremony was beautiful. Although I’m far away taking photos from a distance, I can see Marie’s eyes through my lens. She could barely hold her tears. I bet she still can’t believe that she’s finally marrying the love of her life. What I love the most is that her maid of honor, Alex, who she grew up with and treated like a a sister, is wiping her tears while crying with her.

With a strong Polish background, we made sure we capture their cultural tradition. The tradition may vary from one region to another. For Marie and Mike, they were given bread with salt to eat. They then took a shot of vodka each. After the shots of vodka, they both threw their glasses behind them to break on the ground.These symbolic offerings were given so the newlyweds never experience hunger, thirst, or need, remind them of life’s difficulties and learn how to cope. If the shot glasses break, then it’s a sign of good luck! 

As we mentioned earlier, we took a ride to The Redfield Estate at The Grove in Glenview. It was a beautiful location and thank goodness that sun came out of hiding. Although it was hot, and mosquitoes were feasting on us, our whole bridal party were such troopers!

We ended the night at the Edwards Hotel’s Penthouse Ballroom in Rosemont. The night was filled with laughter and dancing. We love Adam’s (Best Man) stories, specifically the part where he inadvertently forced our couple to host a party with over 90 people showing up. We found Alex’s (Maid of Honor) tidbit on a story she and Marie wrote as youngsters very entertaining. Marie’s dad is just plain hilarious and indeed lit up the room when he took her daughter to the dance floor. Mike also surprised everyone when he went up to the DJ booth and spun his own set!

It was such an eventful night and we had so much fun. As Alex said in her speech, Mike, it’s your turn to co-author your own stories with Marie. As witnesses to your wedding, we can tell there will be many many more beautiful stories for both of you to tell.

Congratulations to the both of you!


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