DIY Luxe Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Thursday, April 25th, 2019

One of the most fun things during the wedding planning process is picking who your #bridetribe will be. Whoever they may be, make sure that they got your back no matter what the drama might be! You’ve got your list, now’s the time to propose to them. But how?

The most recent trend these past few years has been the Bridesmaid Proposal Box. You’ve seen it everywhere – Pinterest, DIY blogs, even Etsy sellers are starting to sell them premade. But what if you wanted something more personal and luxurious because you know your best girls deserve it? Look no more! Here are some cute items you can include in your Bridesmaid Boxes.


What you’ll need:


With this, I’m pretty sure your girlfriends will have a hard time saying no. Hope you like this brief tutorial on how to create your own luxe proposal box!

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