Tori & Mason have known each other since they were kids. After years of dating, they finally got married at The Hotel Baker in St. Charles where they were surrounded by their loved ones. The day started out with the ladies getting ready in one of the huge prep rooms in the hotel. There was […]

I consider Ola and Obi’s wedding what is close to Nigerian Royalty. I mean, how could you not? Their wedding screamed luxury in every way from The Drake Hotel to the groomsmen’s Louboutin shoes. The day started off with the bride and groom getting ready at the hotel. They got married at a church by […]

How many of you still talk to your grade school friends? Do you even know their full names? Are you at least Facebook friends? Do you follow them on Snapchat or Instagram? Be honest. Why do I ask these questions, you say. Well, we covered a wedding recently wherein the most impressive thing that put […]

Wedding season is on full blast and we couldn’t be more excited to serve our wonderful couples. It’s that time of the year where we are amazed by the details, inspired by DIYs, mesmerized by wedding dresses and melted by newlyweds deeply in love. To keep this excitement going, we would like to share this […]


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