In our 9 years together, I quickly found out that one of the things we don’t share a love for is traveling. I love to travel, he doesn’t! He doesn’t like long road trips and long haul flights make him uncomfortable. I know what you’re thinking – “Yasmin, how the hell do you do it […]

The honeymoon is such an important part of the wedding that couples tend to splurge a ton of money into a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most of the time, they will go somewhere exotic where they can relax and enjoy each other. Sometimes couples want adventure so they will go to places in Europe where they can […]

If you want to feel like a kid again, then now’s the chance to book your honeymoon at the Walt Disney’s World! Normally couples choose to stay close to nature to relax or go touring the entire world. Then there’s the other type of couple who prefers to keep entertained 24/7 (Hey, that’s us!!) If […]