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Yay, you're getting married!!! It's time for you to celebrate and finally start planning the wedding of your dreams. Scroll down below to see how I can help you make your wedding experience amazing!


my heartfelt

wishes to you both!

Ahhh love... isn't it wonderful? I remember the time when I got engaged, planned my wedding and got married to the love of my life. Fast forward 4 years, here we are figuring out how to adult because life doesn't end after getting married. I promise, things only get way better after the wedding! You'll learn way more about yourselves and become an even better person.

Back to you - if you're reading this, then I will already have given you a virtual hug and high five! This is it, the moment has come where you will finally get married to your own love of your life. I know, I've been in your footsteps. I'll be cheering for you, I will cry when you start walking down the aisle, I will do a little dance inside when you both finally have your first kiss as a married couple.

I'm here for...



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Most of my clients come to me with lots of questions about the wedding/session, what to wear and where to have their pictures taken. Well, worry no more! I have created our own magazine-style guides to answer all of your questions and even give you tips on how to be prepared for your shoot or wedding. The last thing I want is for you to be stressed out during your engagement session or wedding day.

These guides are exclusive for Yasmin's couples only.

Magazine Guides

What makes me different from other photographers in the area? The creativity and effort I give out to my couples! Now is the chance to get those Insta-worthy photos. With my friendors (wedding vendor friends), we come up with a vision for your engagement session. It can be anything from an editorial magazine style to a casual stroll with the Chicago skyline in the back. A styled engagement session can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. But you know what, it's worth it!

Once in a Lifetime

Chances are, this is your first wedding and need a bit more guidance because you wouldn't know if the flowers would look good in pictures or if your groomsmen will be so extra during your big day. Not to worry! Since I'm basically with you for the entirety of your day, I'll be helping you keep on track and make sure you get all of the pictures you need. Think of me as your extra bridesmaid. ;)

Your Secret Weapon

Girlfriend, just because you signed the contract and paid the retainer doesn't mean that you won't hear from me until your wedding day. Even if you don't go with me, I'd still love to be your friend who will hear your heart out. The best part about being a photographer is meeting people all the time. Some of those people turn out to be the most amazing people who has helped me become the person I am today. #foreverthankful #blessed

Friends for Life

Love Notes

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your special day!

Nicole & Jason

"She made a couple who had never done anything close to a professional photo shoot feel SO comfortable and made it such a FUN experience for us!"

Kelsey & Kyle

"Throughout our time together, meetings and photoshoots felt more like hanging out with old friends than business transactions."

Aly & Dale

"She has done my maternity pictures, my sons first 48 pictures at the hospital, our engagement & wedding. WE LOVE HER!!!"

Megan & Chris

"Yasmin is not just a big company trying to making a buck, but a small business with a passion for photography who takes her work very seriously."


- Kate Spade