I get asked quite often by my brides on what to bring during their wedding day so I created this post to help every bride and groom decide on what are the most important things photographers typically ask their couples to bring during their getting ready portion of the day. A tip I usually give […]

From the first time I met these two, I just knew that we’d click! Upon discussing their dream engagement session, I found out quickly that these two love the sophisticated but laid back feel that not a lot of couples like. I just knew the perfect place that they could have their engagement session – […]

When I meet up with potential couples, they usually don’t have an idea of how to plan a wedding and are nervous just thinking about it. So to give you a jumpstart to planning your wedding experience, I’ve decided to create a free wedding guide that will help guide you on what you need to […]

I dubbed them my “Instagram Couple” because I love how they know how to ham it up in front of the camera. Jerrielyn always told Eric, “Do it for the Gram, babe.” which always made me laugh. And he was always game (unlike my hubby)! This past March, they tied the knot in the small […]

In all of my years of photographing weddings, I’ve quickly found out that no two weddings are the same. And I get a lot of questions from my brides who need help with the timeline because it’s super important. So I’ve come up with a quick guide that will surely help you get a head […]

In our 9 years together, I quickly found out that one of the things we don’t share a love for is traveling. I love to travel, he doesn’t! He doesn’t like long road trips and long haul flights make him uncomfortable. I know what you’re thinking – “Yasmin, how the hell do you do it […]


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