meet yasmin
Photography for the modern couple
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meet yasmin
Photography for the modern couple
The Experience
let's get social

meet yasmin,
your new best friend.


the lens

Ahhh love... isn't it wonderful? I remember the time when I got engaged, planned my wedding and got married to the love of my life. if you're reading this, then I will already have given you a virtual hug and high five! This is it, the moment has come where you will finally get married to your own love of your life. I know, I've been in your footsteps. I'll be cheering for you, I will cry when you start walking down the aisle, I will do a little dance inside when you both finally have your first kiss as a married couple.


I grew up in a small town in Cebu, Philippines and migrated here to Chicago 10 years ago. I came from a family of entrepreneurs but I was the creative one so I didn't think I'd ever have my own business. Fast forward all of these years, after a Bachelor's and Master's degree, I have decided to pursue my passion in the arts. I dabbled in graphic design, UX/UI and finally found myself in photography thanks to the endless support from my wonderful husband, Anthony. 


my favorite motto

eat cake for breakfast

I met my husband 8 years ago and the rest is history. Not long after we met, we adopted a small and furry Pomeranian whom we call Fuzz.

my family


It's my signature look. I feel naked without my red lipstick. After trying and buying 50 shades, I finally found the one!

red lipstick


never without my

Always thankful for

THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE BEST INVENTION EVER! I have a huge sweet tooth so Sugarfina's bento boxes lets me have a bit of everything.



i am obsessed with

I admit that I'm a shoe-holic. I probably have 30 or more pair of shoes in my closet. My fave is my red sole which was gifted to me by my husband.



I'm obsessed with all things Disney!! We go to WDW every year and have been to Disneyland in CA, Tokyo & Paris. Next stop, Shanghai!



everything is magical with

i love my

I grew up in a small city in the Philippines so I strive to go somewhere new whenever I can. My favorites places are Tokyo and Paris.



Life is better

I love Mademoiselle over Chanel No.5 because of the mellow scent it gives. No.5 is too strong for me but who knows, I might fall in love with it when I'm older?

chanel mademoiselle


This does not limit to K-Dramas and reality shows. Well, everyone has a secret right? I mean, how else am I supposed to keep up with the Kardashians?

terrible tv


secretly addicted to

favorite scent:

I love planning a party! Just let me know when and where and I'll be poppin' bottles all night long!



let's pop some


a few of my


what i believe in

Just like every couple and family I meet, every story is unique and I love hearing and witnessing it! This is why I aim to become one of the best storytellers in the entire world. I'm here to capture and preserve your memories so that you will be able to tell it to your children, your grandchildren and everyone else you meet in your lifetime. 

Plus having Insta-worthy pictures are a huge bonus! ;)

Friendships takes time and effort. I've learned that over the years that friends come and go. The ones who stay are the true gems in my life. If you're interested in meeting up for a cup of coffee to talk about your wedding, future career aspirations or even just need an ear to listen, send me a quick message and I'll respond to you as soon as I can.

i get it, trusting a person is everything.