5 Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel More with You

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

In our 9 years together, I quickly found out that one of the things we don’t share a love for is traveling. I love to travel, he doesn’t! He doesn’t like long road trips and long haul flights make him uncomfortable. I know what you’re thinking – “Yasmin, how the hell do you do it because you’re always traveling?” Here are a few tips that I’ve learned over the years on how to get him to travel with me to places, even Paris!

 1. Ease them into traveling by visiting your own city’s tourist spots
If your partner doesn’t really like traveling to begin with (maybe they hate crowded spots, dreading traffic, etc), you can plan a quick trip into the city and have them get a feel of what it feels like being a tourist. That way, if they get overwhelmed, you’ll be able to go home right away.

2. Be mindful of what they like and don’t like when traveling
Traveling is supposed to be fun together so having someone being grouchy during the entire time will ruin your trip. Since they’re not used to traveling like you are, you should be extra mindful of what they are comfortable with so that you guys will have a fun time together.

3. Compromise on the destination
I can probably go pretty much anywhere on the surface of the Earth and be ok with it. Him, nah. That’s why I try to plan our future trips to places I think he’ll enjoy based on his interests. For example, I know that we both really loves anime and Japanese food. I proposed a trip to Japan to Anthony (after the Olympics of course) and he was totally on board!

4. Don’t overwhelm them with too much traveling
Just because they said ok to a trip doesn’t mean that automatically allows you to plan a trip every month! Try starting out by once or twice a year for bigger trips, then work your way to more trips. Eventually, they’ll get used to it.

5. Be always appreciative that they took the extra mile to accompany you
One thing I always, ALWAYS, do before, during and after the trip is express my appreciation to Anthony that he went with me to the trip. Not only does he feel good about it but he’s always more open to future travels. 

I hope those tips help those who have partners who hate traveling like me! 

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