10 Tips for Your Disney Honeymoon

Sunday, October 21st, 2018

If you want to feel like a kid again, then now’s the chance to book your honeymoon at the Walt Disney’s World! Normally couples choose to stay close to nature to relax or go touring the entire world. Then there’s the other type of couple who prefers to keep entertained 24/7 (Hey, that’s us!!)

If you’ve decided on a Disney Honeymoon, whether it be in WDW or any of the other Disney Parks, here are my 10 tips that can help you make your honey moon better:

Visit the place at non-peak times

In order to enjoy to the fullest, you have to go there when there are lesser crowds. Plan your trip in the months of September or at the beginning of January. To get an idea of the crowds, check out peak times at the WDW 2019 Crowd Calendar here.

Plan in advance

You have to plan the whole trip in advance that helps you in avoiding the hurdles. You have to make a rough plan of your everyday routine there which you are going to follow. Book for the spas, activities etc. in advance.

Concierge Service

The hotel concierge is among one of the best in the world in my honest opinion. Cast members are always ready to help you no matter how small or big the task is. I remember loving the pillows at The Contemporary Resort during our last stay and I asked the concierge if they can find out who the maker is. I felt like the lady bent over backwards just to find out who the manufacturer was but in the end didn’t find out who it was. They said is was just generic. Well, I still appreciate that after 2 hours of trying to find out who, they still called the room to let me know. 🙂


Disney gets booked MONTHS IN ADVANCE!! Doesn’t matter if it’s a room or a restaurant. I suggest as soon as you decide to go to Disney, book your hotel and restaurant reservations ASAP. Their website makes it super easy to link everything in one place.

Packages and booking the special events

There are many packages available for you like cruises, fishing, and services at spas, massage centers, dessert parties and much more. One of my favorites is the dessert party for the Magic Kingdom Fireworks Show. Check Disney World’s website for dates as it’s only for selected nights throughout the week.


Arrange one of the in-room celebrations

In case you are planning to surprise your loved one, then arrange for one of those Welcome Home services offered by Disney Hotels. You can have balloons and cake in the room, and maybe even booze. 😉


Consider dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table

It is one of the most well-known restaurants in Magic Kingdom and one of the most expensive too. But if you want to meet a bunch of princesses while eating, this is the place to go! Downside is, you’ll be competing with little kids who are dressed up as princesses and princes.

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Register your honeymoon

Did you know that you can register for your Disney honeymoon online at Honeymoon Wishes? Here’s a link to get your honeymoon fund started: https://disneyparksandresorts.honeymoonwishes.com/

The Night Life

Aside from the parks, Disney usually has a designated shopping and entertainment destination that do not require park tickets. My favorite is the Disney Springs in Orlando. Do not miss the fun at night there! There are many bars, restaurants and shopping options.

Take advantage of Extra Magic Hours

The extra magical hours at Walt Disney, it helps you in getting a lot in less time. This is an advantage of going to Disney that you can earn the early entry in the park or late entry per day.


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