Inventory Manager

The FirstLook desktop app has not been redesigned since its initial release back in the early 2000s. In this project, I collaborated with the product team and led the design team in modernizing Max Digital's newest software offering.

Lead product design
- concept, wireframing, design


Planning the Redesign

Planning starts with a discussion on what the current design is and what changes need to be done. With the client in mind, the product team creates a list of requirements for the UX team.


The Problem

The current UI is very outdated and UX needs to be rethought. In the old software, it is hard for the users to navigate around unless they have done it a lot of times, information seems confusing and overall just how the data is presented just seems to overwhelm the customer. A lot of the features also repeated itself in different pages so we needed a way to combine them and show them in a way that made sense to our users.

wireframes and ui concept

Using Figma, I created the wireframe pages following the approved user flow. For the UI, we are following the MAX Digital UI style guide.

Designing the UI

We used Max Digital's current style guide and Material design for cohesiveness throughout the app. We also utilized guidelines from Veutify since that is the framework our developers love to use.


Because of how complex this software is, we have decided to release some features early like the Inventory Manager list. During the prototyping and user testing phase, we had our clients who signed up for Beta testing use the new UI. Overall feedback was very positive.

Preview the software below

Key Takeaways

This was one of my first projects at MAX Digital and even though it seemed like a very simple task, the little changes made a huge impact to our users.

Suggesting great UX

Tunnel vision is a very dangerous thing to have and project managers sometimes have a set idea of what outcome they want for the product. I bring them suggestions that will not only accomplish what they want but also benefit the user in the long run.